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9 years ago

In Tray: Close button confirmation

As all other documents you open have the close button in the top right corner so I find I constantly accidently close MYOB when I just want to close an invoice window. Please can the invoice close be moved or a cancel button be added to the MYOB close button like many other programs have. It drives me mad!

"Please can the close button for invoices in the Ïn Tray" be moved."


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    YES! This happens to me all the time! it is so annoying.... surely the botton could be moved? or the invoice opens in a new window?


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Like other windows in AccountRight 2016 the Close button to close the window is located in the bottom right corner of the window. Alternatively you can select the cross in the top right Window's title bar to close the window.


    If you accidentally select the applications close option (red cross) with AccountRight 2016.1 and later when you have the In Tray window open you will be prompted to confirm you want to exit.