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4 years ago

MYOB Team: Show overtime separately

Is it possible to show overtime on timesheets as a separate daily entry in MYOB Team?

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    MYOB has added so many features to payroll and it is great to have them all without having to purchase additional softwares or apps to inegrate with it. 


    The problem is that these features now need to be perfected. You have great clock in clock out with new essentials or timesheet but you dont integrate the hours correctly in the software, they all come up as a lum sum instead of being seperated beween weekend and week days or overtime. If you could add this feature and also the award rate installed in the software you will defenitly be a winner software for payroll.


    The only other thing with Payroll is the way the employees are set up in the new essentials. Not really that great. The old oen was way better. Now you have to put some hours in the hours worked and when th etimesheets are nto integrated properly those hours becoem standrd. Not great for casual employees, please take this mandatory fill in out. Its just silly. 


    And last thing about payroll just make these new features functional now as there are errors all the time.