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5 years ago

Online Invoice: Ability to select the unpaid invoice statement which day of month to send out

I would like to be able to choose which date of the month it is sent out based on our needs. A static date for all businesses using this software cant work for us all and I think this would be an easy fix


I love the Unpaid Invoice Summary reminders in general, However I now have it turned off as the 3rd of the month is to close to the end of last month for our business. (Especially if there is a weekend inbetween).


I am sure I am not alone in having to wait for extra information from staff members or suppliers to be able Invoice the month in full. I made the mistake of leaving it on once where not all invoices were complete and got customers advising they hadn't received the invoice that is on the statement and then again more calls from others asking why the amount is different on the invoice to the statement.


Flexibility in the date would solve all this.


"Unpaid invoice summaries - Ability to select the day of month to send out"


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    We are the same!  Would love the ability to set this for a later date in the month when we can be certain that all our end of month processing has been completed, or alternatively after payments are due (which is even later in the month).

    Setting it to be fixed on the 3rd will not work for us because some months we are still raising  invoices on the 3rd (particularly if 1st and 2nd are on a weekend).

    I can see that this would save us some time, but with a fixed date it's completely impractical for our business.

  • I agree ... The ability to change the date when the unpaid invoice report is sent out would be helpful.  End of Jan falls on a Friday so the unpaid invoice report will be sent on Monday before i have a chance to send the statements which confuses our customers so i will have to turn it off.  Also is there any way of just sending an unpaid overdue invoices list to customers as i have customers ringing thinking that all of the unpaid invoices are overdue but they are not .. some could be overdue and some for the current month not due yet.

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    Agreed. We can't start invoicing until the first business day after the end of the month and then some invoices need to be checked to confirm discounts and pricing before we send statements.  Would love to be able to automate the statement process with the unpaid invoice summary but the reality is we are not always finished by the third day of the month.