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4 years ago

Statements not sending, but invoices are



Since Friday 4/9/2020 our Send Statements via Email function does not appear to be working - the emails are not coming through to us (we tried emailing ourselves to test if it was working), and when I go to Sent Emails there is nothing showing for Statements... however interestingly all Invoices are being sent ok.


This issue is occuring on multiple computers, not just the one. We are using AccountRight 2020.3 version (we all got updated last week when prompted to do so).


Can you please help asap? 


Many thanks.

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    4 years ago

    Hi AccountsAH1


    Thanks for the information. Can you please uninstall and reinstall AccountRight, once re installed can you please try and send statements ? 


    Please do let me know how you go. 

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  • Hi


    After four phone calls to MYOB and approx 2 1/2 hours total being put on hold they have advised me to re-name the statements file which I have now done and everything seems to be working.  Hope this will help you too

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      Oh wow! I'm sorry to hear you had to spend so much time on this... :(

      Thank you for offering me a solution - can you tell me how to rename the statement file? I haven't been using MYOB that long so unsure how to do that...


      Thanks a million! :)

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        Go to Setup, come down to 'customise forms' 

        Select 'Statements' then choose which form you use - Invoice or Activity

        You will then select what your company file is called, click on 'customise' which will take you into your actual company statement.  Select 'File' then 'Save As' and re-name the file.


        Go back and then re-run your statements but you will need to go into 'advanced filters' and change the 'Selected Form for Statement' before you hit 'send email'


        Good luck!!!!