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3 years ago

Online Invoice: Remove Overdue wording

Hi Myob


Is it possible to remove overdue amount from top corner right side to the bottome of the invoice? As we provide services to the cusotmers and the installments are receivalbe as per each stage. We cannot issue separate invoices for separate amounts as the invoice should be sent for the whole contract. But each installments are payable as per the time of providing services. We received many bad and negative feedbacks from customers that each time they recieved invoice, on top, it is showing red and bold of amount due whereas the customer should pay that amount in near future.
And is it possible to add some features for your email contend in invoices such as highligt and bold?





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    Our customers find the language used on electronic invoices misleading. For example, if a customer has 30 days to pay (as set in their terms) when I email them the invoice (usually upon despatch) it already says 'NOW DUE' in gigantic letters above the total amount. 


    This is not strictly true and my customers get their collective 'nose out of joint' beacause they feel like I am demanding payment early. Could this not be changed to read DUE or TOTAL if the invoice is sent within the date of the customer's terms?

    I understand that the date the invoice is due is on the left in smaller font but that is beside the point when a large GREEN message above the total is demanding payment. Often customers don't read the small print and just pick up the phone to express their anger!