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7 years ago

Online Payments: Partial/part payment

Can we please have an option when using paydirect that the client can “part pay” an invoice.
For example: my clients are required to pay a deposit several weeks prior to their booking, but they cannot pay a deposit using paydirect against their invoice because they cannot change the dollar amount.
At present I have to issue 2 invoices.


"Paydirect part payments"


  • It would be great if a customer could do a Pay Direct Credit Card deposit or part payment for their Order/Invoice.


    So if the total value of their order is $1000.00 

    they could do a 10% deposit of $100.00. via pay direct to that invoice or Order.




  • +1 for this.


    We really need this feature for our business, otherwise we will have to move platforms.  Our customers need to pay a deposit when they book then the balance of the invoice closer to the date of their function.


    All it needs is for the user to be able to enter the amount paid when they get to the point where they're entering their credit card details.

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    Come on.... this should be a default feature and not take years to implement.    Our business also sets a deposit amount to confirm orders, with balance on delivery.    There should also be an 'option' to pass through the credit card charge.


    Creating multiple invoices for these two situtations isn't a good solution.

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    I agree, used to be able to do it in previous versions before going online