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2 years ago

Only require authentication once a month

I am using AccountRight Plus AU 2023.5.1.4.


When I launch the application, my account password and a 2FA token are both required to login. 


There is an option to trust the device for 30 days so that the 2FA token is not required during that period.


However, the password is still required and there is only an option to not require the password for a maximum of 12 hours. I don't require this level of security in my environment which is a PC that no one else uses. Ideally I would like to extend the period that a password is not required so that a password and a 2FA token are only required once per month. Is this possible to achieve?


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    Hi Matty72 

    There shoud be an option to link your my.myob to the user you log in as. This will then by-pass the user ID logon and password that you are putting in.

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    Hi Matty72 


    Generally, if there are long periods of inactivity after you've logged into the file, you will be logged out and be asked to log in again despite the maximum of 12 hours ticked. This is for security purposes. But, just as jenniek mentioned, which is regarding the User ID and Password, you can link that to your my.MYOB and would not usually ask you to enter it all the time when you have an online file. 2FA should also have the option to trust the device for 30 days and should not ask you every time you log in. Please make sure it is ticked. 


    We'll relay your idea/feedback to the relevant team, but please note that this has no time frame and votes will be monitored by the developer team.


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    Agreed, and I'm pretty sure the 30 days is much shorter than that too! I've never bothered to track it but it feels like I have to do it every week or two.

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    jenniek and Sean_DC 


    Where is the option in my.MYOB to bypass the User ID and password needed to logon to the application and data file?

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    Hi Matty72 


    Thanks for your post.


    To link your email address to my.MYOB account, go to Setup > User Access > Click the User ID where you will link your email address to > Tick the box that says, "This user will sign on with a my.MYOB account" > Then enter your email address > Hit Save. This will allow you to open other files and will not ask for your user name or password as long as your email address is logged in. Please refer to the screenshot below.




    Please let me know if you need further assistance.


    If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.


    Best regards,

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    This is a common sense option and used to be before the ATO, or whoever, changed it for everyone. It would be great for this to go back to the way it was. 

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    Doreen_P  My MYOB user access settings were already set to login with a my.MYOB account but I still have this issue of having to login again after every 12 hours.

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    Hi Matty72,


    Thanks for updating us. I understand that you're looking for an option to stay signed in to your account and not to enter user id and password to login to the company file. As of now, the only option available is to ticked Trust this device for 30 days and it should not ask you every time you login. It's essential for improving your workflow, and we're sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Rest assured that we will pass along your feedback to the relevant team.

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    Hi there,


    In regards to 2 Factor Authentication I logged in as usual and once I finished i logged out using file exit file.  In the afternoon I logged back in to MYOB but this time it has taken me straight into MYOB without asking for the 2 factor authentication code why is that?  I didnt tick trust this device for 30 days.


    I looked it up and the only way i can log out is go into services menu and click signout from Account right and follow the step.  Why has that changed?  if I click File Exit it will close down but when I click the app again it takes me straight in which is not secuirty at all if someone has access to my computer. What do i need to do to go back to what it use to be?

    Need help