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2 years ago

Payroll: Calculate superannuation for all employee regardless of age (under 18 year old included)

I know that superannuatin is only compulsory for under 18 year olds if they work more than 30 hours a week, but it would be good if MYOB could have an option for allowing superannuation to be automatically calculated by MYOB for those employers who want to pay it to all employees.


Currently, it is only automatically calculated when the pay includes more than 30 hours for the staff member.  I have an under 18 who we pay superannuation for (regardless of hours worked), and so I have to remember to manually add it in to each pay.


"Superannuation for under 18 year olds"


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    Great idea, I have the same problem.  We employ several under 18 year olds and pay them superannuation regardless of the number of hours they work and each payroll cycle I have to remember to manually calculate their super.

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    I just do it quarterly with the Super Reconciliation.

    Email the "super update payslip" to the employee then.

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    We would like this option also.  Currently manually adjusting 4 employees each week

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    please insert an option so that we can pay under 18 for less than 30 hours per week as per our aggreement with them

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    Hi D-C
    Thanks for your post and welcome here to the Community Forum. Thank you for adding your vote and commenting on this post regarding the option to pay for 18-year-olds for less than 30 hours per week. We understand the importance of this feature to your business. Rest assured that your suggestions and feedback will be communicated to the team. 
    Feel free to post again anytime you require further assistance.