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5 years ago

Superannuation not calculating




I recently added in a new Casual Employee into our system.

I have set her up the same as all other employees however her Superannuation is not calculating.


In week 1 she earnt $350.00 and in week 2 she earnt $350.00 so so far she has earnt $700.00 this month.

I understand you have to earn over $450.00 in a month for Super to calculate however it is now week 2 and Superannuation is not showing on her payslip, not recorded in MYOB on any reports and not calculating in the Payroll Screen where the Super Guarantee lines are.


I have snipped a copy of the screen in her employee file below. This is exactly how all other employees are set up yet hers is still not calculating.


Any help on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Tazzlet 


    Help Article: Checking and adjusting superannuation outlines the process of making adjustments to superannuation. However, I think you have nailed the process.


    The only thing I would add would be is if the superannuation has been incorrectly calculated in the current month no adjustment pay would be required. As superannuation is calculated on a month by month basis, should you adjust the superannuation calculation AccountRight will make adjustments in your next pay in that calendar month to calculate the superannuation amount for the calendar month.

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  • Hi Tazzlet 


    Looking at the screenshot you have uploaded the calculation basis of that superannuation category is set to be User Entered Amount per Pay Period. When this calculation basis is selected the user needs to enter the superannuation value of the pay on the payroll transaction when processing. So if you didn't add a value a when processing the pays there would be no superannuation on that pay.


    For Superannuation Guarantee you would likely have that calculation basis set to be Equals 9.5% of Gross Wages. This way the system will automatically calculate 9.5% of their gross wages for the pays in the calendar month as superannuation and add that to the pays.

    Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.

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      Thanks Steven_M 

      I have corrected that in the Employee Card and it prompted me that all Employee Cards would be amended as they are all in the same Supperanuation Category. I clicked YES and they have now all updated to be 9.5% of Gross Wages.

      Only question is now when i go to prepare a dummy pay run (to see if the problem is resolved) some employees superannuation lines have changed to $0.00 and some are now higher than before.

      Would this be because MYOB is automatically fixing errors from past pay runs?

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        Hi Tazzlet 


        AccountRight will calculate superannuation on a per calendar month basis. This does mean that if you have had an error calculating superannuation or have not calculated the superannuation on a pay the system will calculate more (or less) than the 9.5% on that particular pay as its attempting to calculate 9.5% for the calendar month.


        If you are needing to do a dummy test to ensure that it is calculating correctly updating the payment date to fall in a new pay month would be the recommendation. This way previous pays in the month are not impacting the superannuation calculations.