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11 years ago

Payroll: Deleting/removal of old timesheets

Issue Description:  Can not delete a time slip, even after payroll that it was used in has been deleted.


Resolution:  Hi Natalie, thank you for your enquiry. TimeSheets will be marked as processed once they first start to be used in a payrun, this means that they cannot be deleted once they are used, even if all the transactions that they were used in have been removed. There is no way to change this currently and it is not something that is currently planned to be changed, as it has been this way for quite a few versions. That being said we are of course always happy to receive feedback and make changes if that is what our clients want, so please feel free to suggest that this feature be altered on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange at www.myob.com/ideas/ which is a forum monitored directly by the Development Team for changes and new features to be added to the program.


Issue Continuation:  Yes, it has been this way since 2011 came out, and it's one of the reasons we threw EIGHT MONTHS OF WORK into the Recycle Bin and reverted to the previous version on the old platform.

Time Slips NEED to be deleted when they are found to have been raised in error; not to delete them leaves erroneous records in the file.

"Time Billing stuff-ups"

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