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11 years ago

Payroll: Separate different superannuation amounts in corresponding journal

  1. When 2 types of super are paid in payroll (1 being SGC and 1 being RESC), these amounts are being added together in the 2- Super Liability account i.e. they are not shown separately !!!!!!!

This is a major issue for reconciliation and accounting purposes.  In the case I am working on at the moment the SGC is paid to an industry super fund and the RESC is paid to their SMSF super fund, very difficult when we try to do reconciliations on this account and track back what has been paid and what has not been paid.  Apart from manual reconciliations, I and I am presuming the majority of CC’s and bookkeepers do and teach their clients to actually do a bank reconciliation procedure on liability accounts, this is BEST practice, but how can you reconcile half an entry now that MYOB is consolidating these entries, you can’t!!!


From an accounting view point entries should never ever be consolidated, very very bad practice.


I know similar issues with other amounts being consolidated in the new version have been brought to MYOB’s attention since the 2011 version, this should not be happening still with 2013.2.


Thanks for your time, and can you please bring this up as a major issue to be fixed ASAP


"Separate line entries being consolidated"

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  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the idea Kerry_Black. With 2013.4 we have changed the software so spend money, receive money and general journals lines no longer consolidate, however payroll still does consolidate the RESC and super amounts. We would like to see some more users vote for this.