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6 years ago

PDF: Reduced file size

Before 'upgrading' from V19 to 2019.1, I would print invoices to PDF to email to customers. These files were about 10kB. The same invoice printed in 2019.1 is a whopping 454kB. I am almost embarrassed to send such a file.

I normally keep these invoice PDFs (they are part of business correspondence) but I can now see my hard drive filling rapidly. Perhaps MYOB could forego the recent subscription increase as a contribution to a new hard drive for my invoices...


"Efficient invoice PDF files"


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    I have just done a payroll with the new 2019.2 release. With the Payroll Advice, I have found that, if I Export PDF, I get a file of about 345kB (unacceptable). If I print to a 'print to PDF' print driver, the same report is 'only' 63kB. With MYOB V19, the same report was less than 3kB. I hope this helps you to fix this problem.

  • We are getting knockbacks from several suppliers due to the file size - they just bounce. We have to use a third party software to open them, resize, re-export and resend each one. It's time consuming and annoying.