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11 years ago

Print/Email Invoices: Retain Print copies upon shut down

We used to be able to change number of copies and have MYOB AR v 19.5 remember.

It doesn't do that on v 2013 which we have just upgraded to.

Please can we have this back so we don't have to keep clicking to change the number of copies


"Printing 2 copies of an invoice"


  • In the past we could remember number of copies to print.  Now we need to change each time.  Would be useful to be able to remember number of copies as per previous versions.


    "Remember print quantities"

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      Status changed:

      Thank you for your idea. Our team has reviewed the idea and has ensured it meets our idea submission criteria. For more information on idea submission criteria, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages

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      The lack of this feature is a real pain and wastes so much time.

      Having just moved from v19 to v2018.4.1 I am used to MYOB remembering the printer and the qty.

      We print two copies of invoices and now we forget to change the number and then have to go back into the invoice / order to reprint.

      We waste at the moment about 30 mins a day.

      Yes, we can re-train us monkey, but after using leacy products for years its hard to change

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your feedback, more printing options is something we have received a bit of feedback on and is something we're always happy to look into improving. It would be great to see how much support for this idea is in the community, please remember to vote if you'd like to see this added.
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    We always have to print 2 copies of our invoices so this is a must when we upgrade...

    I'm on enterprise, so still stuck on V19.9

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    I have a client who needs this badly too - PLEASE can it be included soon?

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    I need to be able to print 2 copies of invoices.  Can this be done in the latest version?