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11 years ago

Print/Email Pay slips: 'To be Emailed' tab as default

As most payslips are emailed these days it would be good to have the option to set the delivery method permanently to email instead of having to go through the print window every time.


"Preference for Payslips"


  • Be great when clicking on Print/Email Payslips that the screen defaults to "To Be emailed" rather than "To Be Printed". Surely more people email then Print these days

  • When clicking on the 'Print/Email Payslips' function or the 'Print/Email Remittance Advice' and also the 'Print/Email Invoices/Statements' can we please have the "to be emailed" tab appear first as the default? Most businesses would now email and not print these, so makes sense to avoid that extra click!

    I tried to find your 1% suggestions page but you might not run this anymore


    Thanks :)

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    Thank you for your post, @Adica. We understand it would be great to be able to set a preference for delivery method for Payslips. We request others who would like this added to the program to please vote and comment.