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11 years ago

Purchases: Pay Bills - Refresh window after changes are made

If you're paying a supplier through the Purchases - Pay Bills window and notice an invoice is incorrect, it can no longer be corrected in that screen.  Instead you have to correct the invoice, close out of the Pay bills screen, loosing all selected invoice info, before opening the Pay Bills window and starting again.


Previously you could open the invoice and correct it, go back to the Pay Bills screen and the corrected invoice amount would be there.


As we work with international currencies, we find the ability to make these changes on the fly very important


"Fixing invoices in Purchases - Pay Bills window, Account right Standard"


  • Hi KerryM 

    Thanks for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight Live program and the Pay bills window and Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge.  

    As mentioned above currently the workaround to the Pay Bills window is to close the window and reopen. This will refresh the window for you. However thanks for the feedback and voting.

  • @stephen M 

    I don't consider this to be a work around as you lose all the data you've input.

    What you're suggesting is no different to closing out of MYOB completely.


    This worked properly in previous versions - it needs to be fixed

  • Steven_Mthat is no solution at all and NOT a "workaround".  As walkerhagley pointed out - you lose all the work already entered each time and have to start from scratch.

    It has this morning taken me literally twice as long to pay our largest creditor in the system.  A very bulky and awkward operation - and totally unsatisfactory.

    I echo the above sentiment - it needs to be fixed. 

  • Hi KerryM 

    Thanks for your feedback in regards to the Pay Bills window it has been passed on the development team on your behalf.

  • Steven_M   Thankyou - you may also like to mention the same issue applies to Customers' invoices and payments...

    This is a most irritating 'downgrade'.

  • Hi KerryM 
    The development team are aware it is occurring in the Sales>>Receive Payment window as well, but thanks for your feedback and input.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    With the release of AccountRight 2015.3 the Receive Payments and Pay Bills windows will automatically refresh when a change is made to a transaction in another window.

    For more information into this and how to obtain AccountRight 2015.3 please see AccountRight 2015.3 now available