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10 years ago

Reconcile Accounts: Combine "Print Report" and "Reconcile" buttons

Could you please consider changing the button selections after reconciling a bank account - I always print a bank reconciliation report and have to click "Reconcile" then "Print Report" then "Reconcile" and then "Reconcile" again.

Could I suggest that the confirmation window gives you the options to either

"Print Report and Reconcile"

"Reconcile" or





"Combine "Print Report" and "Reconcile" buttons"




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    Status changed:

    Thanks for your suggestion DebBIS I can see how the current system can be inconvenient. We're very interested in hearing suggestions like this, where we can easily improve your workflow. Could anyone who would like to see the 'print report' and 'reconcile' button in the bank reconciliation screen combined, please cast your vote here.

  • I agree with Deb, it gets long winded needing to click the reconcile button twice so you can print the report then reconcile it.  Having it combined is a great idea - as soon as the report has generated, the system then automatically reconciles.


    Its also rather confusing when training others to do bank recs - especially when they're not used to it.  Is the only area which doesn't post the transaction when the report is printed. (eg. when sale is printed it automatically gets posted).  The functionality should be the same throughout the software.

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    Thank you for your feedback, interAccounts. We hope to make is easier to Reconcile and Print the Reconciliation Report in the Reconcile Accounts window. We request others wanting this change to please continue to vote on the Idea.

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    I do it a different way.


    On the reconcile screen there is a button that says print. I use that button which prints a copy of the same report as the confirm screen does.


    That way when I go through to confirm the reconciliation I can just click accept without having to print the report and do it again.


    I would suggest an easier way to do it would be to remove the second screen and users can use the already existing print button on the main reconcile screen and the reconcile button just confirms the reconciliation.


    It is pointless having a second screen that does the same as the primary screen does.


    My 2 c.

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    Thank you for your input, Kelly81. We do appreciate it. Your feedback has been passed on to the team. We agree with anything that can help make the whole reconciliation process smoother and easier.