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12 years ago

Reconcile Accounts: Do not automatically unreconcile transactions after edits

AR2012 will unreconcile a transaction if it is changed in various ways, including just changing the cheque number.


I recommend this is changed immediately. Ever since the program was first written, one of the commonest support issues has been around users 'accidentally' deleting transactions, and throwing reconciliations out of balance.


Users find the bank reconciliation process difficult at times, and imo there is NO reason for the status of a reconciled transaction to be automatically changed.


I would very reluctantly accept a prompted message "do you want to mark this transaction as unreconciled" following an edit, but only if a bank preference was added to allow/disallow status changes, so that users who want to continue v19 behaviour can do so.


"Do not automatically unreconcile transactions after edits"