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3 months ago

Payroll bank fee transactions not automatically matching to payroll details



When the two previous payroll transactions were paid to a new employee the Payment Method was indicated as Electronic. After the payroll was submitted it was corrected and changed to Cheque. 


How do we match the bank feed to the payroll transaction?




  • Hi mkapm,


    Thank you for your response.


    Once you've processed wages for your employees and conducted a manual bank transfer, the bank feed transaction will automatically be allocated against that payroll transaction. In your case, there's a new employee whose payment method was mistakenly set up as electronic. Consequently, this won't appear under the match transaction window because it's allocated to the electronic account set up from the linked accounts >> bank accounts for electronic payments.


    To match these electronic payments in the bank feeds, you'll need to either create an electronic payment or reverse the payment transactions.


    Kindly check this link, which may provide information related to your inquiry.


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    Hi mkapm,

    Thanks for your post. Could you please check if your Electronic Clearing Account is set as the linked account for electronic payments? You can do this by navigating to the Accounting menu, then selecting Manage linked accounts, and finally going to the Accounts & Banking tab.

    Next, go to the Accounting menu again and choose Chart of Accounts. Click on the account from which your electronic payments originate (the business transactions account), and choose the option 'I create ABA bank files for this account'. Enter the three-letter Bank code for your bank (such as NAB, ANZ, CBA, or WBC) and the Direct Entry User ID (which appears to be 0000 in your case). Finally, save your changes.

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      Hi Earl,


      We don't use electronic payments, we pay via Internet Bank Transfer for each employee. Each employee is set to pay by cheque and they match in the bank feed perfectly. This is a new employee who may have been set to pay via cash initially and then changed to cheque but still doesn't match. We don't use ABA files as we do the transfer manually.


      Hope that makes sense.


      Thank you

      Michelle Kemperman


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        Hi mkapm,


        Thank you for the response. Please confirm if the payroll transaction is not showing under bank feed transaction where you can match the transaction to. If so, the prepare electronic payment window is worth checking to fix the issue. To do this, kindly check out the Help Article: Making electronic payments ( Since you have paid the employee already, you will no longer have to upload the bank file to the bank portal. We are only doing this so that the payroll transaction will show up in bank feed transaction to match. 



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