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9 years ago

Report: Item Register [Detail] - Job column added



It would be nice to be able to sort this report for Job Numbers.


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Jillian Wedmaier

"Items Register (Detail) Report - Sort by Job Number"


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    We use job numbers in our factory and need to know how stock is allocated. 

    • we sometimes allocate stock using a job number when purchasing
    • we sometimes order stock in bulk and do an inventory adjustment to take the stock out of inventory and apply the cost to the job.  In the memo field I add a note (Board usage; 16018) then also add the job number in the job number field.

    When I run an Item Register Detail report to show what stock has been allocated to jobs it doesn't give you the option to select a job number.  


    Also the purchase only shows the purchase memo - again with no abiltiy to see if the purchase had the job number allocated to it in the first place, to ensure we haven't allocated the stock twice.


    It would be good to run an item report that shows all transactions with a job number for each line item.


    Thanks Karina


    "Item Transactions Report"

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      Suggest that you manually include the job number and quantity ordered within the purchase memo; for example:-

      Purchase; Laminex Group - Job ABC - Qty 3

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