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11 years ago

Reports: Automatically default to previous year not current year

Could we please go back to it automatically taking the previously used year as the default instead of it updating to the current year? It is a keystroke functionality which made report generating much quicker...


"Dates in Reports"


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    I think this refers to the report writer choosing just the month you are in when you run the P&L or such like. It should default to the first day of the financial year for the start date.

  • Status removed:
    Thanks for your feedback. The reports in our current and older versions of AccountRight will default to the current month, once you have selected a new date it will remember that date for the report until the program is closed and restarted. Are there any Reports in particular that you're looking at with this and would like to default to a previous year?
  • In general, currently when you choose your date parameters, if you wish to view reports from 2013, you need to enter dd/mm/yy each time you generate any report. If you wish to select different date parameters in 2013, you should only need to enter dd/mm and it should retain /yy and the same if you wish to set your parameters to a week in the month, it should retain mm/yy... Hope this is the clarification you require...

  • Status added:
    Thanks for the clarification on this. We're happy to look into changing how the date Field detects entering figures. If you only want to change one of the sections, you can double click on it and it will only overwrite that section leaving the others as they are. Others who would like to see this added in, please remember to vote.