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11 years ago

Reports: Detailed superannuation report to comply further with clearing house

Would it be possible to have a superannuation report that can be exported to excel that can be sent to Superfund clearing houses. They generally require the following information in a column arrangement:


Member number 

First Name


First Line Address





Period start date

Period end date

Amount SG

Amount Voluntary

Amount Salary Sacrifice



Generally all of this information would be in the data file - we just need to be able to export it to a text file in columns. It would work if you could add these fields to "Available Fields" in "Report Fields" in "Superannuation Employee Advice Summary". The columns could then be rearranged as per each different superfunds requirements.

I know you offer M-Powered services for this but not everyone wants to pay - and I also realise that you may not want to implement this suggestion as it may take revenue away from you. However, your main focus is on people managing their own businesses (MYOB - Mind Your Own Business) so I think that this will definitely help them do this.

The report that you can get out of Quickbooks can be rearranged to suit import requirements of superfunds. I would really appreciate it if MYOB gave it's users a similar opportunity.

Thanks for your consideration of this matter.


"Superannuation Period Report Spreadsheet to export"


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    Thank you for your post Julie_Stap. We do aim to make business life easier and being able to provide the appropriate data to the Super Funds would definitely make it easier for businesses. Please be assured that the AccountRight range will be compliant with the requirements of the Australian Government initiative Super Stream, by 1st of July 2014. We will keep you updated with more information as it becomes available. Additional information on the matter is available on our Blog - http://myob.com.au/blog/superstream-is-coming-are-you-ready/
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    Thank you for your enquiry, (Paddy). Since my last post on this Idea, the ATO have updated the deadline for SuperStream compliance. Businesses do not require to be compliant until at least June 30, 2015. As assured in my previous post, the new AccountRight range will be SuperStream compliant before ATOs deadline. 

  • Superannuation Period Report that can be export from AccountRight Premier v19.x [classic version] would be appreciated also.  Do not wish to 'upgrade' to the 'live' version and our data file has be stored locally {regulations}.


    I do understand that a data file for a 'live' version can be 'checked out' and worked on locally, but in that situation it does not allow for multi-user access to the same data file locally.


    For SuperStream compliance, such a report would be useful when using a 3rd party clearing house.

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