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12 years ago

Sales: Change of decimal places on values

Our company deals in small items that are sold in vast quantities. The unit pricing on these items have at least four decimals places and when dealing with quantities anywhere from 10,000 to beyond 50,000, a mere $0.0001 can make a difference.


When entering Sales Invoices MYOB AccountRight Plus (v2012) has the ability to accept entries with as many decimal places as I need, resulting in the correct total on the invoice. My issue arises with these invoices are printed or forwarded via email. This is when MYOB changes the decimal rounding to the standard two places on the unit pricing and all other amounts. The result is a lot of upset clients that feel they are being over charged when the numbers are being rounded up. This is not the case, however it can look that way.


Is there anyway that there could be a setting added that will allow the user to change the automatic rounding of numbers on invoices, leaving the rounding to be shown at the final total of the invoice.




"Setting the number of decimal places"