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3 years ago

sales invoice with 3 decimal places


We had a couple of invoices back in 2017 as showing up in AR report due to 3 decimal places were used when the invoices were imported from 3rd party software.


The previous post on this suggesting to have the datafile repaired; can I please get some assistance how to get into the datafile repair team? 

  • Thanks LRBooks61 for assisting with this question. 


    EmilyC ,

    If you are still having this issue could you please send your serial number and company file ID (Help>>About AccountRight) in a Private Message so I will be able to assist you further?


    Update: File sent in for a Datafile Repair.

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    you can identify the invoices then you could probably fix the problem yourself


    go into the invoice and see where the 3 decimals occur.

    tryjust reentering the figures again and see

    if that fixes it


    if it is showing in tax click into the blue arrow and reenter the amount with 2 decimals


    hope this helps




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      Hi Lisa,

      As mentioned earlier, these are invoices from 2017 where the FYs have been rolled and we can't edit the entries...

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        Try going to setup  > preferences>  lock period 

        untick the lock period , make the changes , then go back and retick lock period


        Hope this works for you