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5 years ago

Six Decimal Places on Invoices

PLEASE can someone advise how to print invoices without six decimal places in the item price. I have had this issue for quite some time. I thought this issue was going to fixed by MYOB in their future updates???

  • Hi Walshie_PVW 


    With AccountRight 2019.3 two new columns were added for selection on an item based customise form; EX PRICE 2 &  INC PRICE 2. These are columns that can be added to show the 2 decimal place of the price.


    You can add these columns to your customise form via Setup>>Customise Forms>>Invoices>>Items>>Selecting the form before selecting Customise. Once in the customise forms window, right-click on the invoice table and select Show Hide Columns before selecting the desired column to add (you may want to remove the other column at the same time).

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