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8 years ago

Sales: Convert to invoice return to the Enter Sales window

IN MYOB Accountright V19.3 and prior when we were converting customer orders to their invoice we could look up the order, ammend it , then convert order to invoice and print the invoice without being thrown out of the sales window.. In AR2016 adn AR2017  unfortunately each time an invoice is recorded  from an order and printed the system reverts back to the Sales command centre screen. 

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"Stay in the Sales window when convert customer order to invoice please."


  • Have just updated from V19 to 2018.3.  Why is it that when I enter a new order and hit 'record', it keeps me in the 'enter sale' screen, ready for the next one.  However, if I enter into an existing order, adjust/add a line and hit 'enter' ('record' no longer an option), it takes me back out to the main MYOB Sales menu.  In order to continue then, I have to re-enter into 'Enter Sales'??  This is very time consuming and MYOB helpdesk suggests putting it here to be voted on - surely this has annoyed someone before now??!!

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