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10 years ago

Sales: Enable another user to be notified when action has occurred

It would be nice to have an option on invoices and possibly some other items that lets someone get a notice when a process has occured.


 For example: if an invoice is sent to a client, and Joe in sales needs to know when the invoice payment has been received so that they can release the goods. Joe's email address can be added to the 'notify these people when closed' field.


"Notify Me (or someone)"


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  • Status changed:

    Thanks for the great suggestion, SvendP! We can certainly see how the option to notify someone of updates in certain transactions may benefit our clients in running a more efficient business.


    Could everyone who would like to see this feature added into future versions of the software please cast your vote by selecting the '+ VOTE' option next to the idea heading, and leave comments regarding what other processes you may like to be notified about?