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8 years ago

Sales: Hide/turn off backordering of items

As someone who TABS a lot that column I don’t use can get rather annoying and cause problems.


Would it be possible to hide it for the sales window? Just an option will do in the preferences.


"Option to Turn off backorders or at least hide it from the sales window."



  • Yes! I so agree with this suggestion - our previous (non-online) version of MYOB allowed you to hide un-needed colums, surely this request shouldn't be too hard for MYOB to put into action! 

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    Hello inforcer007 Leethal

    I think that as well as being able to hide the Backorder column it would also be great to be able to hide the Discount column for those who do not need or want it. so much less to tab through.

    In addition i would like to be able to relocate columns so that the Item # can be entered before the quantity, as this is the way many of my clients want to work.

    The ability to resize the columns on the screen is however a big advance so thanks to MYOB for that.


    Leethal you said that it was possible to hide the Backorder column in your previous version of MYOB. I was not aware of that. What version were you referring to?



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    5 years later, and no action. Please consider helping your customers make your software better