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10 years ago

Sales: Include (Card) Contact name on Enter Sales window

Our company sends invoices to more than one person in a company.  We also use jobs.


Our usual protocol is to address them to the contact who approves them and also copy them to the accounts department or person.


Currently I have two ways around this - either manually changing the name in the card file, or setting up two invoices using different addresses for the same client.


My suggestion is to

1) Be able to add a customer name to the sale OR

2) To be able to pick up the job contact on the invoice.


 "Customer contact name on invoice"


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    Thanks for the great suggestion. Anybody who wants to be able to send to multiple contacts and have the appropriate contact name appear on the printed invoice, please vote for this idea.

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    MYOB definitely needs a better solution to having only one contact per client. We often send invoices to a range of people in the same organisation. There are several problems with this:


    - I am constantly changing the contact details (and losing valuable information);

    - The person printed on the Debtors listing is not necessarily the person you have to chase for an overdue account. It is simply the last contact invoiced.


    MYOB needs the ability to permanently connect a contact with an invoice and could perhaps offer a drop down list for each invoice so that contacts can be selected from whomever you have dealt with in the organisation for this particular job. In a perfect world, it could also organise Statements by contacts too if this choice is selected. I have they consider this idea for further development.

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    Is there any progress on this idea - it seems very logical that many clients would have different contacts on invoices?