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12 years ago

Sales/Purchases: New Item - Auto populate that new item in line

The item number value disappears from the ‘Item Number’ field of a purchase once user clicks the ‘New’ button or Alt+N  to add it as a new item.  In consequence, after the item has been created only the Item Name or Item Description appears in the transaction line - the item number has to be re-entered into the field.

However, that can only be done after returning the cursor to the item number field because whenever an item is created from within a purchase it places itself on the arrow the the right of the 'Supplier:' prompt in the header area of the Purchase.  Please refer to attached example.


It would be a great if this process became the same as that existing in v19.6, otherwise it continues to be a source of annoyance and time wasting for the user.


"New Purchase Item"