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10 years ago

Setup: Automatically update all windows and lists when data changes

Please, please, please show updates in open sub-windows showing lists of transactions and balances when changes are made in another sub-window in the application. I should have thought this would be a minimum standard to be expected given the operating environment.. This is a serious shortcoming when I have to keep backing out of sub-windows and then having to re-open them to see updated statuses. It makes for very unsatisfactory operations and is very irritating.


"Concurrent updating of open sub-windows"


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    Is there no refresh button the sub-screens you are referring to?

  • In my view, you should not need to press refresh/update, it should just do it (and much faster than what it is doing it now). 


    There seems to be a significant lag between processing/changing a transactions and the screen updating it - to the point where you start questions yourself as to whether you did properly update it.  I have voted.

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    Kelley81, No there is no refresh button on most sub-windows. We are supposed to be using a relational database with immediate updating of reletions and data. All views should change if they refer to the modified data. Thereshould be no need for refresh buttons. (See older versions of desktop MYOB).

  • Hi there williej and ASWatCR,


    Thanks for the suggestion regarding the immediate updating of the software across all windows when any changes are made. We do agree that is an excellent idea that would benefit a lot of clients.


    The AccountRight software does have a refresh button on most sub-windows, as Kelly81 has implied, which is how we would advise you to see the changes reflected upon being made for the time being. However, we do agree that a refresh button should not be needed, and that the automatic updating of the program would be a much desired feature in future releases of AccountRight.


    Anyone else who would like to see this implemented in the software, please vote for the idea by selecting the '+VOTE' option next to the subject heading.




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    Hi There,


    I fully agree. It constantly catches me out. Only after reading this post did I re-discover the refresh button.


    The old versions (v19) did not need refreshing.


    Perhaps a simple built-in function that refreshes the window upon a sub-window tab change, though it would definately delay the response every time. Why so slow..?

  • Hi Matt

    Thank you for your feedback and comments. I have shared these with the team.

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    Not everything has a refresh that is giving problems such as additions/changes to the file of cliens/suppliers. Having to refres is also just a lousy workaround. Something pretty fundamental needs to change. Refresh buttons can't be used to fix every situation.