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12 years ago

Setup: Highlight and changing a single character of date

A small problem I am having with the new version of Account Right, which means things take slightly longer than before and has caused a couple of errors in my data.   I'm not sure if it will be possible to fix, but it would be great if it was....


When, for example, entering invoices in the "Enter Purchases" form I often want to change a single digit of the date. Eg if the last invoice I entered was dated 15/03/2013 and I now need to enter one for 16/03/2013 I instinctively highlight the 5 and type 6 to overwrite it.  However MYOB assumes that I want to change the whole field, and so replaces 15 with 6.  It seems like a small issue, but I have posted a few documents without realising that MYOB has done this, and had to go back to try and find and amend them.


I have encountered a similar issue when selecting report filters - wanting to change a year from 2013 to 2012.  When I highlight the 3, type 2 and press enter it changes the year to 2000 - and then tells me that the period is closed!


I'm sure this is something that I will get used to in time, but at the moment it is slowing me down, and is frustrating.  It conflicts with programs like excel which allow you to highlight and change a single character in a field - and therefore is something that your users are likely to continue to find irritating.


'Amending dates"



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    Hello ToeC,


    the function is the same as it ha been in v19 & earlier.


    when the whole date field is selected  & you want to change the day in the same month from 15 to 16 do not just highlight the 5 and overtype 6 but simply type 16.

    If the date shown is 15/03/2013 and you want a date in the next month such as 7 April simply type 7/3. It is much easier. You do not need to enter any leading zeros either.




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    Thanks David.   I realise how I have to enter the dates.   I was just making the point that to me it is counter-intuitive - if I am using the mouse to select a field to amend, and only want to change a single character in the field I automatically select just the character I want to change.  Now I have posted a couple of entries with the error I am at least aware of the issue and so hopefully will be able to catch myself before making the mistake again.

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    I also find this frustrating and it is now seven years later and it hasn't been fixed.  There is also inconsistency in different areas of the software when changing dates.  In some areas, highlighting the date allows you to overtype either the day, month or year whereas in other areas the date doesn't automatically appear and you have to type the whole thing.