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9 years ago

Setup: Set a default remittance advice (Company file level)

Is it possible to have a setting in preferences that you can choose as a system-wide setting to set the default for remittance advice etc delivery status to 'to be emailed' or which ever option you prefer? This would mean that whenever a new supplier/customer/employee is created or a payment is made etc etc it would already be selected "to be emailed". We use a paperless system for our accounts so NEVER print, however every setting is always default "to be printed". In this day and age more and more companies are going paperless, so this option would be very handy.


"System-wide Default settings for Delivery Status"


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    Thanks for finnaly adding the default method of sending Remittance Advices to the card file, but unfortunatly the default for every new card is to Print.


    We email RA's to only a handfull of suppliers, and dont print any at all.


    In the old version 19 when you changed the RA delivery option in Pay Bills this would be remembered for the next time. So when I change to Already Printed or Emailed, I woudnt have to then go and change their default.


    Also perhaps adding in Preferences or Easy Setup a default for new Cards so that I can set this to our most commonly used.


    Now I have to go through 100's of suppliers and change each individual one to Already Printed etc.

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    Hi lec1190


    Thank you for your idea in regards to default settings.

    Are you able to clarify what MYOB program you are referring to i.e. whether its AccountRight or MYOB Essentials?

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    Yeh, great idea.

    I have also posted a request for same.


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    I 'd like to request that MYOB either change the default of Remittance Advice Delivery Status to 'to be emailed' system wide, or provide the abilty for users to set a default to suit their business needs:


    We create hundreds of supplier cards through our third party software each week but we still have to either go into each card and update this status from 'to be printed' to 'to be emailed' or select this at the time of 'pay bills'.  This is very time consuming and often some get missed. 


    Our third party has tried to automate this process for us, but the API only supports GET:




    Our business emails 99.9% of supplier remittance advices and in this day and age I'm fairly certain it would be the exception for most businesses to print post remittance advices.


    Please update this functionality MYOB.