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11 months ago

Single payment received for multiple customers

We usually receive a single payment for multiple sales for different customers. Currently from bank feeds, we have been receving money into Undeposited funds account and then in bank register under undeposited funds account, we receive payment for each of the client and close sale one by one. I suggest if a feature could be implemented where from bank feeds when you receive payment, you should be able to allocate it to different customers right there or any quicker way as we receive a single payment sometimes for 50-60 customers.




  • Hi Sky1 


    Thank you for your post.


    We appreciate and valued your time sharing your suggestion and feedback. This is duly noted and we will relay this to the relevant team. We will provide communication and keep you updated on newly released features.




  • We hope MYOB is looking into this ASAP. This seems a simple request and GPT Chat could maybe help?

  • Hi CAROLINE33,


    Thank you for your post. We apologize for not being able to get back to you right away.


    We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. Rest assured that this has been brought to the attention of the relevant team. At this stage, we can't provide any sort of timeframe as to when this will be implemented, but we'll keep you posted once we receive an update from the team.


    Once again, thank you for your understanding.