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2 months ago

Invoices receivable not showing

Invoices receivable not showing up when trying to apply to invoice. They still show up when you search on desktop version but then some don't show when you try to apply it from the bank feeds - very frustrating as I didn't get reply last time and got an email saying that you will close the issue when it wasn't resolved.   Can you please supply email to send query as this is getting ridiculous and I cannot find where I can send an email

  • Hi Domster,


    I get that it's annoying when invoices don't show up in the receive payment window, even though they're still due in the debtor's ledger. This could be due to several reasons, like an issue with the invoice layout or how they were made. I suggest you take a look at this related Community Forum post about received payments. This might help you fix the problem.



    Let me know how you'd go on this and if you require further help.


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    Hi Domster,


    Thanks for your post.


    Are you referring to transactions that are not showing up when trying to match with bank feeds? If so, you may check the reconciliation window to see if the transactions have been reconciled already. If reconciled, you will need to undo the reconciliation so that those transactions can be match to bank feeds. More information can be found here.


    Feel free to post again anytime if you require further assistance. 
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      thank you Doreen, but I have checked the reconcilliation.   This issue is a glitch I think.   None of the invoices come up (when trying to apply from bank feed) in the cloud version.   One comes up in the desktop version.   One of the invoices shows on the debtors report as still outstanding.  Both invoices are still open when you "search transactions" on the desktop version.


      I just want to know if there is a known fix or get someone to have a look to see if I am missing something.   I am an accountant,  not a bookkeeper.  I am very good with MYOB but I cannot fix this issue.   I cannot charge my client for the time I have spent trying to fix it

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        Hi Domster 


        Can I suggest a little clarity might help the moderator here. The most obvious thing to eliminate is to ensure you are looking at the same file. This is just a terminology thing perhaps. 'Cloud' version means different things to some people. I think you mean when accessing the online (cloud) file via the 'browser', you are seeing something different to when you access the same online (cloud) file through the desktop software. Perhaps a screenshot from the browser access and one from the desktop software access might help moderator see the issue. What you are seeing is most likely caused by something overlooked by the developers when coding the browser access software.


        The desktop software can be used to access a local file or an online (cloud) file. Only an online (cloud) file can be accessed via the browser. When using the desktop software, some users inadvertently log into a local copy of their file and not the online copy - and end up seeing 2 different things.




  • I am having the same issue. If i go and search invoices  - filter it by all customers and all time  - including all statuses the resulting list is nothing to show. The problem is your end as it sometimes works and then others times shows nothing at all. This is the same computer for all attempts.