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12 years ago

Spend Money: Enter key once the amount has been entered

Hi there tech's can someone please tell me if the following problem has been addressed ...


When entering in spend money (or receive money), after having entered the account number and tabbed to the amount, once the amount has been filled in, I then used to use the enter key to create the next line of the transaction, but all this does now is tab through to the job field, and then the memo field ... where it then creates a new "line" (paragraph) within the memo field.  You actually have to keep tabbing through the complete line to "create" a new line (creating lots more unnecessary key strokes promoting RSI/OOS, etc).


Has this been addressed yet?  Please note - it doesn't matter if in the setting you have a tick in the box re "enter key works as the tab key" etc.  This makes no difference.




"Data entry and the enter key once the amount field has been completed"


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    I agree


    The same thing needs to be amended in PAYROLL - where you enter in someones hours and press ENTER and it takes you to the calculated wages figure  - why would I want to go here by default- so I can accidentally overight what has been calculated and then have to delete the hours I have entered and then re-enter them so that it will recalculate - is that why? - because it makes no sense. (Or depending on your settings the ENTER key does nothing - you just stay on the same line in the same field)


    Either way neither the ENTER key nor the TAB key will take you immediatley to the next line - you have to use the down arrow - this is not practical as you are constantly having to reposition your right hand from the numeric keyboard to the arrow fields which leads to more chance of data error


    In anycase I fail to see why MYOB give you the option in their settings to either have or not have the ENTER key work as the TAB key when they clearly don't understand the difference between the two.


    ENTER means DONE and move on to the next Line of Data

    TAB means - still going on this line - move to the next field.

    The up and down arrows should move you from line to line but staying in the same field.

    (This is still a problem in recurring General Journals where the Arrow key will take you to a different field in the next line?? - MYOB went to all the trouble of fixing this in recurring Spend Money / Receive Money Transactions but did not in the GJ)


    Perhaps some effort should be put into TIME and MOTION studies in relation to data entry - or you could just start listening to what we want.



  • I agree - reducing the number of "clicks" is a major/genuine issue for bookkeepers.  Every unecessary click only gets them frustrated!

  • Status changed:
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    This is currently being worked on to improve the efficiency of data entry. In the next update the Enter key when pressed in a data entry grid will create the next line of the transaction. This will allow keyboard operators to key a multi-spend money/receive maoney transaction using only the numeric keypad. This will be the default behaviour of the Enter key moving forward, e.g. Enter = I am done take me to the next field (outside the grid) or the next line inside a data entry grid.
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    Status changed:
    Coming Soon
    This change has now been implemented. In version 2013.2, when the enter key is pressed in the data entry grid on data-entry screens, it will create the next line.