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10 years ago

Timesheets: Allow for entries to be .60 decimals (1 minute = 1 decimal)

When entering staff time sheets why can't MYOB have the option to be in .60 decimal places to stop the converstion into .100 decimal.  This is not only time consuming but is open to human error.  Your headings indicate Totaal hours, when it is not actually in hours?  The time card sheet need to be looked at and refined for companies with many jobs and many staff to make this a simple data entry process, which it currently is not.


"Time sheet entry in .60 decimals"


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    Thanks for your suggestion Bounce. I can certainly see how this would prevent errors. Could anyone else who would like to be able to enter hours and minutes in timesheets, rather than hours, and fractional hours, please cast your vote here. Make sure you're signed in and click on the purple vote button at the top left-hand side of the screen. If you post a comment, don’t forget to vote as well!

  • and have you got rid of the difficult colon and AMPM from the other time entry windows. simple 2400 time would be easiest.

  •  Hi CiscoElect 

    Thank you for feedback in regards to this idea., I have shared it with the team.

    Along with commenting for an idea you can show your support by voting. You can vote for an idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange using the + Vote button to the left of the idea's name.

  • In the meantime how can I round my timeclock employee data to assume the convertion to payroll in the fraction of an hour format. 

  • Hi SRhall


    The forumula you would need to use to a minute or seconds into AccountRight's format would be 

    AccountRight Timesheet data = clock value x 1.666 (recurring*)

    For example:
    50 = 30 x 1.6667
    40 = 24 x 1.6667

    *The more decimal places that can be added the more accurate it would be)