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5 years ago

Timesheets: Copy to previous timesheet

MYOB currently has 'copy from previous' button.  It would be useful to have a 'copy to previous' button.  

When you open timesheets, MYOB defaults to the current weeks timesheet based on todays date.   Staff usually enter timesheets after the payweek has ended and often, accidently, enter times  into the wrong timesheet.  It it time consuming to copy this information into the correct timesheet. 


"Copy to Previous Timesheet"

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  • This would be a super helpful feature! I am currrently half way through entering timesheets for my 25 employees and have just noticed that I forgot to adjust the dates to the previous week! So annoyed that I cant just move them back a week.


    An option to just copy the whole timesheet and paste into any week and accross employees would be absolutely amazing! I would definitely settle to just be able copy to preious week though.