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6 years ago

Timesheets: Populate employee name from UserID

The following is a list of suggested improvements to the time sheet entry in MYOB Accountright. These changes will speed up entry times.


  1. The employee has entered their name at sign in so the employee field could default to their name.
  2. Base hourly should be default in the payroll category field, the drop lis tof payroll categories down could remain. 
  3. Activity – only activities assigned to the employee should appear in the drop down.
  4. Customer name – This field could auto-populate when the job number is entered. If there are multiple clients for one job then that is when the drop down menu is required
  5. Every time you complete a field could MYOB autosave, rather than when you hit okay down the bottom.

"Improvements to MYOB Accountright timesheets for payroll and customer billing."

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