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9 years ago

Timesheets: Prompt to save when exiting window

there has been many times by accident i've hit the esc key and it's lost all my timesheet for that week, the only time it saves is when i click to another week or if i click okay. can there be a confrim or a safeguard so all data isnt lost?


'confirm unsaved timesheet when leave window'


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    I also just lost about a half hour's work on one timesheet for this very reason. Again. With only two votes including mine, maybe everyone else is better at not getting distracted than I am. :D

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    I agree with Heather via annoying would be nice to have a auto save.    HeatherDBS I actually go in and out as I am updating the timesheet to make sure I have saved as I go so I don't lose to much information.


    I have lost whole weeks before nothing worse when it crashes in the middle of your data input. 


    You have my vote