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11 years ago

To Do List: Accounts Payable - Lump electronic electronic payments

The To-Do list is a great tool, but could be the difference between a good day and a long day.


It would be amazing if I could go into "Accounts Payable" or "Expiring Discounts" section of the To-Do list and just tick every single invoice that is due on a particular day and then send it to the Electronic Payments Register.


I have this set up, however there remains a problem.


It will send each invoice from each supplier as a seperate payment. This means that my financial institution (CBA) will reject it because it will not allow you to send more than one payment to the same supplier in an ABA file.


On top of that, I am charged an amount per transaction in an uploaded ABA file. So if I received 20 invoices from the one supplier and I am paying them all on the one day, I will be charged for 20 transactions.


But with the proposed "Group Invoices Together For Payment With Same Supplier" method, the remittance advice will be cleaner, my bank won't have a fit when I have more than one payment to a supplier AND it will be cheaper due to the grouping of multiple invoices in the one payment.


It will honestly make my Accounts Payable system a click of a button - and that would be astounding.


"Use "To-Do" List To Group Invoices Together For Payment"

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  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2016 will group transactions created from the To Do List>>Accounts Payable tab coming from the same supplier recorded at the same time as one lump payment/one single Pay Bills transaction. This will flow through to the Bank account (or Prepare Electronic Payment window) as one amount.