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10 years ago

Bank transactions: Allocate a transaction to a contact record

Perhaps allocating bank feeds to a customer name or a supplier name is the way allocations should work instead of allocating directly to a particular invoice or bill.


There are a number of reasons why this would be preferable.


FIrslty, it would solve the small screen/window issues we are having when allocating to a long list of bills and invoices.


It would also solve the issue of payments not matching exact dollar value amounts.


Lastly, it will also solve the issue of not raising an invoice until the invoice has been paid in full.




"Allocate bank feed to a customer or supplier instead of invoice or bill"



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    Status changed:

    Thanks for your excellent suggestion seachange.  I can see how that would streamline recording payments. Anyone who would like to be able to allocate payments to customers or suppliers rather than to specific invoices, please cast your vote here.

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    This would be excellent - we have many payments going into our bank account that don't add up exactly to 1 or more invoices for a customer. Essentials won't let me match a payment to multiple invoices unless the amount is exactly the same, so now I have a bunch of payments into my bank account (and bank feed) that I can't do anything with, and I can't find a way to deal with them. Until this feature is implemented can anybody suggest how to deal with these payments and pay the customer's invoices? Any help appreciated.

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    Hi SueMesz


    Thank you for your vote and feedback, I have passed it to the relevant team for consideration. 


    In the meantime, you can match a bulk payment bank transaction to multiple invoices. If the bulk payment includes amounts that does not match the open invoices exactly (such as partial payments, overpayment, duplicate payments etc), please manually record those payments first. After that you can match the bank transaction to the combination of open invoices and manual payments, the total amounts would be the same.


    Hope this helps.