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11 years ago

Bank transactions: Allocate shows frequently used accounts first

I find for around half of my allocating of transactions, I have to click the [more] link at the bottom of the normal codes (typically cost of sales and owners equity accounts), and scroll past a bunch that I never use or only use once or twice a year.


It would be really helpful to be able to have these codes bring up the regularly used accounts first, either through some sort of algorythym, or user selection.  The time saved on transaction coding would be significant for many people.


"Allocate me - most frequently used accounts"


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    Hi Team


    When selecting the allocate me in bank feeds please remove the +more link and load the whole list

    This extra key stroke every time for entering a cost of sale for instance is really time consuming.


    I realise that you can type in the first few letters of the code, but others might not realise this.



  • I'm very new to the world of MYOB. Been using Essentials for under two months.

    I've noticed lots of little "UX" (user experience) niggles like this in the interface. A drop-down list in a set order for all users is as nineties as cargo pants and Pearl Jam! :smileytongue:


    Basically everything is pre-set, and the service doesn't track your usage patterns to reorder lists and the like. Obviously, such a behaviour would be optional, and would ideally be paired with the choice to set lists manually as well.


    There is also an annoying behaviour of sort orders not being stored. I'm finding I'm repeatedly clicking a column title to sort in a different way. Essentials needs to be less like Guy Pearce's character in Memento.