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10 years ago

Bank transactions: Allow allocation to include supplier card

Hi , Just doing the bank feeds to allocate all my transactions , but the only thing is we cannot choose a card when i allocate the transactions in bank feeds, only can choose the allocated account. not sure whether in the future, it will be improved ?



"Bank Feeds does not allow to choose a supplier"


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    Thanks for your suggestion phoebe, it would be a good addition to be able to link a card when allocating a transaction. If anybody else would also like to see this in Essentials, please cast your vote here.

  • Hi

    When sorting bank feeds i often have outgoings without bill payments. Some are overseas and vary every month. Allocating payments only allocates to the accounts list and not the supplier. My only way to do it is to change from bank feeds to bills/spend money then back to banks feeds.


    Why can we not allocate a contact to the payment in allocate/match. Every month i have to create a bill for insurance then allocate it in bank feeds. 


    This would save time.

  • Hi,


    This is a very simple request that I and many other users have been asking for the last 5 years. Can you please add in a box to allow us to allocate the suppler contact when we are allocating transactions from bank feeds. I currently have to go back through my geral ledger every time and click on each transaction to add the contact, this is wasting so much of my time and I also miss some transaction some times.


    That is all.





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      In the drop-down section for allocating bank feed tranactions, could you please add a supplier/customer cell so that we have the option of assigning the transaction to a card file (like telstra, optus, myob, etc.) as this will offer more easier to read/understand info when generating reports and make searching easier rather than just relying on whatever the bank memo says which is usually just a string of words like 'xxx bank internet banking payment' or 'xxx bank internet banking funds transfer' - THANK YOU

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    Hi Everyone

    When using the Bank transactions, you have the option to select the Supplier whilst allocating withdrawal based bank transactions.