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5 years ago

Bank transactions: Manually select which rule to apply

Rules are currently designed to be automatically applied if the set criteria are matched. That can be very helpful, but in many cases it's not. If I have multiple invoices from e.g. my insurer, some for private home, others for the car that would incur a certain percentage of business expense, then MYOB will more often then not allocate it wrongly, because the criteria are impossible to set right.

My idea: Let me create a rule (in this case: 33.3% motor vehicle cost, 67.7% personal expense) that I can select for any unallocated transaction from a pop-up menu in the Bank Transactions window. That would be neat.

Thanks for considering


"Make rules selectable"

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  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows the user to set up allocation rules. These rules can then be applied by the user when allocating their banking transactions. Help Article: Creating rules has more information on this topic.


    Note: This banking change is available for the new MYOB Essentials platform. Existing (original) MYOB Essentials platform users will be migrated across to the new platform in due course based on the complexity of their MYOB Essentials product level. At the time of posting, migrations are already underway.