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10 years ago

Bank transactions: Show all matches for a contact

I am finding it very frustrating that when matching invoices to payments, especially those we make, there is firstly only a very small window to see the invoices, and no ability to sort the invoices showing.

We have a number of suppliers who provide us with 30-day End of Month credit accounts, and we provide the same option for some of our customers. This means that we can have up to 20 invoices from one of these suppliers in a single month, requiring one payment at the end of the following month.

When I try to match the single Bank download payment to the invoices, I am stuck with this tiny 2 Invoice window, and I often need to go through up to 100 invoices to match them. At present this takes ages (remembering that by the time we need to make the payment, virtually all the following month's invoices also show).

I would like the ability to ask for only the invoices from that supplier/customer to be shown in the match window, which would really speed up the process, and if I could also ask for only those that are due on or before a date I could input, it would be even easier. Then if I also instead of having to tick all the boxes of the invoices paid, there was a Select All option, I could nearly get my dog to do them for me!

Failing any of the above, how about just expanding the window so that I could see a reasonable number of invoices, instead of just two?

(PS I still think MYOB is great, but not yet perfect)




"Matching Bank Feed Transactions"


  • I agree whole-heartedly with Don.  I have clients who have exactly the same issue.  I understand it was designed this way with mobile devices in mind, however for PC users with a lot of invoices it is frustrating and far too time consuming.



  • Agreed - this is especially frustrating with large bankings (of cheques, cash etc) for mutiple clients and multiple invoices.


    All its needs is the ability to expand the view - and also to search within all the invoices easily - eg. seach by customers name, or an invoice number.


    How we've been treating large mixed banking deposits is by using "Take Payments"  for all the relevant customers - making sure its the same date as the large bank deposit and its all adds up to the same amount - then coding the actual bank deposit to a new account called "debtors clearing account (NTR)" and then doing a "Spend Money" on the same date for same amount coded to "debotors clearing account". Last step is to do a bank rec on that date (after everything else is squared away) - and as long as all my Take Payments added up correctly it's a one tick rec and save.  That process adds about a minute, - but its still a hell of a lot quicker and easier then doing it by the Match to Invoice process.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials now has a Search option when matching a bank transaction, which will allow you to enter in the contact name for example. You will then be able to tick the associated transactions for that contact.