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11 years ago

Bank transactions: Transfer Money - date filter

Transfers betwen different bank accounts often do not have the same date.


In this case MYOB will not match the transactions, despite ALL the other transaction information being identical.


Can we please have a Date Threshold setting for transfers so that we can control the matching process as follows:


IF the AMOUNTS match AND the REFERENCE fields match AND the transaction dates ARE WITHIN X DAYS  then offer it as a potential matching transaction for the user to confirm.


By all means leave the default behaviour as (DATES MUST MATCH) but for more capable users, the above feature would make life a hell of a lot easier when dealing with inter-account bank transfers.


thanks .. I AM liking the recent improvements to the system btw.


"Transfers between bank accounts - matching rules"

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  • I have noticed that even if the bank transfers are dated the same day as in accounts within the same bank (high interest saver and transaction accounts) the match doesn't always come up. I want to make a transfer rule but it doesn't seem to have that option meaning all internal transfers need to be manually allocated.