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3 months ago

Bill payment matched during bank feed needs meaningful description.

Please can MYOB Business give a meaningful descrition for a bill payment matched during a bank feed.


Currently, when a bill is matched directly from the bank feed, the description of that transactionis simply the PO number - eg "Payment; 12345", which is meaningless.  You see this meaningless description everywhere - in Find Transactions, all Reports, and the Bank Register in Account Right. However if you pay a bill from the Bill window you get a more meaningful description eg - Payment; Telstra. That description is needed for bank feed bill payments as well.



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  • Hi HelenL,


    Thank you for sharing your feedback, and we apologize for the delayed response.


    We understand the importance of having meaningful descriptions for bill payments matched from the bank feed. Your feedback is valuable, and we appreciate your suggestion to improve the description details. We will certainly forward your feedback to the relevant team for them to consider this for future enhancements to our system. Currently, there are no immediate solutions available, but rest assured that your feedback will be heard, as this board where you've posted is where our developers regularly review feedback and suggestions.


    If you have any further suggestions or feedback, please feel free to reach out. We're here to help.