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2 years ago

Changing the Customer on an Invoice

Really need to be able to change the customer once an invoice has been saved in Myob Business. It seems that Myob has taken a step backwards in not allowing you to edit the customer in the Business subscripotopns but you can in AccountRight. 


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    Thank you for your suggestion. Your idea/feedback has been passed to the relevant team.

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    I agree. We used to be able to do this pre upgrade. This facility needs to come back. Thankyou

  • ++ feature is critical to have.


    Any timeline if/when this might be addressed?

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    Yes!! This is driving us crazy - have no idea why such a bad change was made in the upgrade.  It makes zero sense.  Please change it back ASAP.

  • Didn't think you could in account right I've never been able to. Not once you save it. 

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    Hi all, thank you for sharing your helpful insights and feedback about this feature with the Community Forum. It is great to see that you are sharing some features that will help you to improve your workflow. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we will make sure that we pass on your feedback to the relevant team. Feel free to come back to the Community Forum if you have questions, we are more than happy to assist. 

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    I agree it is absolutely ridiculous that they have removed this option!!!!! But then so are so many others things since the "upgrade" so frustrating and so much more time consuming with this and many others areas 😖

    They should be trying to make using MYOB easier another harder and more time consuming 😡