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12 years ago

Contacts: Add ABN for suppliers

It would be great to have an abn field when adding a new supplier contact under the expenses menu.

Otherwise, it would be great if we could choose which fields (including the abn field) we would like displayed in the view contacts menu. Right now, I can't tell if I've entered abn numbers for all my suppliers without having to go through each and every contact.


"ABN field"


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    When adding a new supplier card on the fly (from Enter Expense screen), could we have the facility to add the ABN as well?


    Also any chance of also adding the GST code on the fly in the same way and the option to use the supplier code the same as in AR Live?


    Even more advanced if the ABN is automatically checked via ABN lookup as it now does in ARLive.


    With small businesses using other small businesses, it surprising how many are GNR and hard to remember if you only do their books once a quarter.


    Also for the Taxable Payments Summary, it needs that sort of information and at the moment, you have to swap screens and go into cards separately to fill it out properly with ABN and select if it's a Reportable Payment for Construction Industry.

  • This is a very important item to have on a tax invoice - when someone doesnt pay and the name is wrong in any way you cannot use the ABN as proff of the entity as it doesnt show up as a field in the invoice section 

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows for the user to enter an ABN for a supplier contact using the ABN field listed on the Create Contact window (underneath the Business Name).

  • Yes youcan enter an ABN for a suppier in the contact window but you CAN'T have that ABN appear on an invoice you send to them. We have clients who won't process invoices unless the client ABN appears on the invoice.

    There is no way to display the client ABN on an invoice unless you paste it into an existing address field


    Quite clunky really.

  • Currently the add ABN in the Create Contact field is Broken.  Please fix.   I even had a customer call me and say my abn was broken when they tried to enter mine.  Now I cannot do it either.  Poor Coding MYOB.  Should be an autom connect function to see if ABN is valid and check as well