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Contacts: Custom lists/entries/identifiers

Possibly like the new COA Headings, but I think tags are more useful; I’d like to classify contacts not just as Supplier or Customer, but Customer – Direct Debit, or Full Subscription, or Monthly etc.


Contacts can have several tags. James is a customer with “Direct Debit”, “Full Sub”, “Monthly instalments” and “Late payer” tags applied.

I can search and filter contacts with the tags as search terms.

And export this list as xlsx. And create bulk invoices – expanded later.


Usage example:

I filter my contacts using the “Late Payer” and “Full Sub” tags, since they’re hurting my cashflow the most. I copy their email addresses from the xlsx export in to the BCC field of an email with a generic message asking them to hurry up and pay.


Other usage example:

Intention: Bulk invoice my contacts using classification tags as a filter.

Ideally available both in contacts view and new invoice view.

Create one invoice which gets copied for each of the contacts selected/filtered.


In Contacts I filter by “Full Sub” members, there’s about 120. Hit the new Create bulk invoice button and get taken to the create invoice page. Customer says “Full Subs” and the dropdown box lists everyone with that tag. I can click an X beside any individuals I want to exclude to remove them from this bulk invoice.

Pick my sales Item, then “Save & review” is the Save button option. This brings up a modal with the list of clients the invoice will be created for. I delete a few I missed earlier.

Click Yes – the same invoice gets created for each of the contacts filtered and not excluded.


//I know I can Save & Copy and pick the next contact, but I’m not interested in doing that 120, 80, 45, and 30 times for the different membership types.


“A month later half of my Junior Subs members haven’t paid and they need to be charged a late fee.”

This is super specific but might have other uses.


I filter my Invoices page by Overdue and check the box for all invoices.

I hit the new Contact Tags button which lets me add and or remove tags for all of the checked invoice contacts. I add “Late”.

I then go to Create Invoice and in the Contact box select the “Junior Subs” and “Late” tags which filters for contacts with both.

I add the late fee amount and Save & Review.


On the Invoices page I filter by Unpaid and not sent, and check all the check boxes. I click the new Email button which shows me that 3 of the contacts don’t have emails and are excluded. I can edit the content of the generic email message if needed. Then send.

The Sent indicator shows an email icon. For ones that are also printed it shows both icons.


Later I filter by Invoice by Paid, check all, click the new Contact Tags button and remove the late tag.


I go to my Contacts and view James. I’m presented a new time-ordered list of all payments, receipts, invoices and bills allocated to the contact with a running balance = amount we owe them or they owe us. Each item on the list is linked to that transaction.

I thought he was overdue but this page says we owe him. At a glance I see that after our invoice he paid an amount higher then the invoice. It wasn’t allocated to the invoice. He sometimes pays extra as a donation to the Club. I click the payment he made and am taken to the transaction’s page. It’s been manually coded to Raffle Sales.

The new audit log shows I created the transaction from the bank transaction a few days ago. I delete the transaction.

Navigate to Bank Transactions and find the now uncoded received money. Match – all transactions and find James’ invoice.

There’s a residual amount of payment over and above the invoice. I’m given the full Allocate menu and allocate the remaining 100% to donations.

He later tells me it’s not a donation, but an overpayment. I edit the transaction from donations to the new system Overpayments (no GST) code. This accumulates effectively in a single “invoice” for the contact (not accessible via invoices as not an invoice). I pay him a little money now and use Match to allocate it to his Overpayment.

I make the final payment to him next month for the overpayment balance + $10 interest and use Match to allocate it. The extra $10 is a remaining balance and I’m given the Allocate Transactions window again and allocate it to Interest. Now his contacts page shows from old to new the invoice, payment, refund pt 1 and refund pt 2 with a zero balance.



Where else might this be useful. Any business that invoices as a subscription or instalment. The small IT service provider that’s on-call 24 hours. Anyone that’s paid or pays weird lump sums that exceed invoices.


"Contacts – custom groups/headers/tags"